Bookkeeping and Accounting for SMEs.

How it works

Every company is responsible for maintaining proper bookkeeping and accounting records. At Fourmi & Partners, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that allow businesses to focus their resources on strategic and dynamic growth better.


Bookkeeping and Statutory Compliance

  • Chart of Accounts set-up

  • Accounting entries, compilation of general ledger reports, trial balances, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and balance sheet schedules for management reporting and financial analysis

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Assistance in statutory reporting process, including liaison with auditors

  • Head office reporting


Financial Statements

  • Preparation of the Financial Statements (CIFRS or CIFRS for SMEs)

  • Preparation of group consolidated accounts with multiple subsidiaries


Cash Management

  • Payment of vendor invoices and employee expenses claims via cheques, online banking, electronic transfers, telegraphic transfers or other forms of payment